iTouchStats Basketball

웃 “As a coach, parent, fan, I can say with confidence that iTouchStats is second to none. This is the third basketball stats app I have used and iTouchStats surpasses the others in functionality and diversity.”

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Stat Keeping Options

▸ Choose between tracking a team’s individual player’s statistics or only the team’s statistics for each team independently.
▸ Turning off/on shot location tracking for each team independently. 

▸ Turning off/on the Game Clock.

웃 “While iTouchStats has the ability to keep complex stats for every player on the court, it also allows stat tracking to be as complex or simple as you would like. You can truly track the stats that are important to you.”

웃 “It has a lot of features, but it’s easy to only use the ones you want.”

Detailed Stats List

▸ 2-Point, 3-Point, Free Throws, Field Goals (Made, Attempts, and % for each)
▸ Rebounds (Offensive, Defensive, Dead Ball)
▸ Assists
▸ Blocks
▸ Steals ▸ Turnovers (Forced or Unforced: Out of Bounds, Lost Ball, Ball Handling, Bad Pass, Back Court, 3 Sec, 5 Sec, 10 Sec, Shot Clock, Other)
▸ Fouls (Offensive, Defensive, Flagrant, Team Technical, Player Technical)
▸ Charges Taken
▸ Deflections
▸ Efficiency
▸ Minutes Played
▸ Games (Started, Played)

웃 “You can use the app for a lot of stats or just a few.”


User Interface
Keep stats using customizable home or away jerseys or player photos. iTouchStats is the only basketball stat keeping app with the option to use photos.

웃 “iTouchStats features a unique user interface which allows you to use player headshots or other picture to assist in quick recognition of each player… During fast paced action with other apps I often struggled to locate players, with this app and the picture recognition function locating players on my team was simple.”



PDF Reports
Detailed PDF reports for games, seasons, and career stats for a team or a player can be easily generated to view, print, save, and share.

웃 “The reports are outstanding.”

웃 “Reports are informative and lacking in nothing.”

웃 “The reports are as detailed as they come.”


Create Game Rules

iTouchStats Basketball lets you create game rules. 

This ensures the appropriate game time, 3-point line, time outs, etc. are used while keeping game stats.


Manual Stats Input
Has your season already started? Don’t worry! This app also provides the option to input the stats for games that are already finished. This allows for viewing up-to-date team and player total stats from the beginning of the season. This will also allow you to edit or make corrections to saved games stats if necessary.